All enterprises, regardless of their business nature, want to enjoy the benefits of more effective and efficient meetings. But to achieve this goal, not only requires a high quality network and superior workplace devices, but also, and more importantly, the cooperation of the staff within the organization. As it can be hard to coordinate both the human and technology elements well, achieving effective meetings is always a challenge.


A wide range of smart devices should be compatible with the digital workplace, while the facilities should be made to cater to the various working styles of the staff. The design of any digital workplace should help to promote the flexible use of time and spaces, and simultaneously facilitate collaboration among teams at any time, anywhere. A comprehensive workplace solution should be able to create an effective and efficient working environment to maximise the potential of staff and thus improve productivity within the company.


A real time monitoring system allows users to check the status of meeting rooms within the company, so they can be better utilized. A Smart Management System will assign codes to all the meeting spaces in the digital workplace, to monitor and record the usage of the spaces. Embedding human identification technology can help to prioritize the usage of the meeting spaces based on user identities, and also ensure information security. In addition, staff can easily send out meeting invitations and reserve meeting spaces via the calendar features in the email system. After this is done, the meeting space information will then be updated immediately on smart devices through the organization’s Wi-FI network. In this way, operations and logistics in the workplace are made more convenient, user-friendly, and effective.

How do digital meeting rooms bring a new style to your workplace?

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