Why Choose Ricoh Managed Workplace Services?

Retrofit Platform

Quick and easy to install; sensors can be installed with or without a neutral connection and without any configuration

Fixed Monthly Rate

Affordable monthly subscription that minimizes your upfront spending

Reduce Operational Costs

Decrease vendor management and training costs by consolidating all monitoring, management and security in one easy-to-use platform

IoT Module

Connect to anything and everything in your workplace, building or precinct

End-to-end support

Intelligently supports all user needs, wherever they are and whatever the device they are using

Specialized Services

Experienced in design & building, IT configuration and installation of CCTV, LAN, VOIP, network security and wireless projects

Our Management Workplace Services


Smart Visitor Management

  • Streamline Guest Sign-in / Sign-out Process
  • Improve Security with Real-time Statistics of Visitor Data
  • Offer a Professional First Impression

Smart Device Management

  • Manage all Workplace Devices with ONE app, including
    • Lighting
    • Air Conditioners
    • Audio / Visual Systems
  • Resources Optimization through the Analytics of Usage Pattern and Preference

Smart Meeting Room

  • Wireless Meeting Rooms that Enhance Employee Communication
  • Video conferencing Can be Accessed by PC, Tablet or Phone
  • Interactive Whiteboard for Real-Time Capturing, Editing and Sharing
  • Intelligent Office Device Allow Users to Print, Scan and Access Documents via Cloud

Smart Facilities Management

  • Room Booking Panel and Kiosk
  • Mobile Application for Facilities Booking
  • Administrator Portal to Manage and Analyze Utilization

Smart Signage Solution

  • Content Management System to Distribute and Synchronize Content
  • Administrative Portal to Update Content Easily via Drag and Drop

Smart Security Control

  • CCTV Surveillance, Access Control, Time and Attendance
  • Audio / Video Intercom
  • Remote Monitoring and Suspicious Alerts via Mobile Device

What Our Customers Are Saying

“ The web platform for control and automation is fantastic. Every device can be enabled through the network and the user experience is seamless. Control is no longer isolated to a room and we can extend the control interfaces to the general building experience.”

Property Manager
Industry: Property Management

“ The interactive map available at the kiosk allows visitors and staff to find and book available facilities. The Smart Signage Platform can be used to managed content on demand, IPTV playback and digital signage.”

HR and Admin Manager
Industry: Financial Services

“ A workplace app is a great way to bring together all services into one user experience. This is enabled by a single sign-on that can be used to book rooms, use AV controls, search for staff and workplaces, etc.”

Head of Facilities
Industry: Professional Services

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