Today, the use of diversified digital devices has become a trend at workplaces. Work is no longer confined in a physical location. By adopting various technologies and innovative services, the design of digital workplaces should be able to bring people together easily and facilitate collaborations between teams.

Apart from improving productivity through better collaborations, a good design for digital workplaces should embrace a more sociable culture and thus create harmony in workplaces. An effective digital workplace could maximize the return on investments of people, space and technologies.

An optimised digital workplace will bring you the following benefits:

Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

Facilitate sociable and collaborative culture

Reduce workplace costs

Ricoh Workplace Services help you achieve these benefits through customized solutions. We help you to better utilize the space of your workplace using innovative technologies and services.


To rethink the purpose of your existing workplace, we work with you to identify your needs.

Help you identify what you need with an in-depth analysis of your existing workplace by examining the relationships between people, space, technology and processes.
Rethink the purpose of your physical and digital workplace, and enable it with innovative technologies and services that place people as the core.
Manage change from deployment of resources through adoption of process to solid measurements, by working closely with management across disciplines.

Workplace Analysis

Ricoh Digital Workplace Services helps organizations, big and small, to identify the digital gap in the workplaces. We aim at boosting staff engagement, increasing productivity and reducing costs by helping organizations to fill in the digital gap. Based on our expertise, we look at the relationships between the people, space, technology and process in order to locate the weakest link that holds the organization back.

Workplace Design

We help you to refresh the purpose of your workplace, so as to better utilize the space while automating the key functions in workplaces through technologies, bringing people together to facilitate the collaborations of work.

Workplace Change Management

Digital workplace transformation does not simply mean having the space, process and technology in place. People factor is always considered to be the largest resistance to change. Change management refers to the process of which the expectations, feedback and needs of staff in different levels of the organization are being taken care of.


Workplace Analysis

  • Prioritize the top pressing needs
  • Define clear goals
  • Acquire Management’s support
  • Communicate the needs for change across the organization

Workplace Design

  • Define scale and schedule, control cost
  • Form a working group to work with Ricoh’s consultants
  • Establish feedback channels across the organization

Workplace Change Management

  • Define measurable KPIs
  • Hold regular working group meetings to monitor progress
  • Facilitate communications across the organization

Managed Workplace Services

Smart Visitor Management

Smart Device Management

Smart Meeting Room

Smart Facilities Management

Smart Signage Solution

Smart Security Control

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