Digital Workplace brings employees closer - Fairate encourages digital innovation through resource sharing

Fairate Express Ltd. (Fairate) tells a typical story about how Hong Kong people strive forward towards success. With an initial start of seven, Fairate and its team witnessed all the changes in the industry for the past 30 years and has grown to an international air and ocean freight forwarder and consolidator with more than 100 full-time staff. Fairate provides services including international freight forwarding, logistics solutions and supply chain management. Like other companies which started from nothing, Fairate went through a lot to become a sized company today and has garnered a few “Top Agent Awards”. By adhering to its operation philosophy – to provide top quality services with reasonable prices – Fairate continues to elevate its service quality to meet the needs of the ever-changing market.

跨國減蟲公司 數碼化發票管理

不同國際性市場報告(如國際數據資訊(International Data Corporation)的調查結果)都指出企業數碼化轉型,已是提升公司效率、維持競爭力的必要因素。Rentokil能多潔香港 (下稱能多潔) 屬全球最具規模的蟲害防治衛生服務供應商,雖已具多年歷史,在行業中早具領先位置,但並沒有固步自封,反而早在一年多前已致力於業務數碼化,率先透過理光 (香港) 有限公司 (下稱理光)的專業顧問服務,運用Laserfiche企業內容管理系統,把發票處理升級,提升對客戶的服務質素之餘,更改善現金流量,令公司員工以至管理層都相當滿意。

Mtel’s Silicon-Valley-style digital workplace allows flexible use of office space, enhancing operational efficiency

A team comprising four generations, ranging from Generation X to the Millennials, working under the same roof will undoubtedly contain different styles, particularly when it comes to communication. Senior employees are more used to using email and formal memos and letters, while the younger generation prefers using social networks or sending text messages. These discrepancies may sometimes trigger workplace confrontation. At the same time, the younger generation pursues flexibility and freedom in their work, and are better motivated if the work environment is novel and stimulating. Allowing all employees to work harmoniously requires extra effort in designing office workspace.