Ricoh Hong Kong Limited (RHK) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Company Limited in Japan, which was established in 1936. It's founding motto was “Imagine Change”, and it provided diversified document management solutions for commercial customers.

Today's workplaces

As a result of the rapid transformation in the way we work and communicate today, RHK is leading the industry in rethinking the entire purpose of a fixed office. Using the term “workplace” instead of “office” to describe a work environment that is no longer confined to a single physical space, Ricoh is working with clients not only to redefine their workplaces, but also to cater to four generations of workers, each with their own distinct communication preferences, who are now found in today's workplaces. This will enable companies to increase overall efficiency and productivity, while also allowing different generations to co-exist in harmony in both their working and personal lives.

The RHK's Digital Workplace Services combine the core ICT elements of Connectivity, Communication and Collaboration in empowering customers to create modern digital workplaces.

Our Mission

With the introduction of the Smart Operation Panel and it's suite of Smart Applications, RHK is guiding their customers on their first steps towards a successful and collaborative digital workplace. Many more revolutionary technologies with the single-minded mission of EMPOWERING DIGITAL WORKPLACES can be expected.

Stay tuned.

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