Rethinking the purpose of a connected office

What's the purpose of an office, when work is no longer confined to the four walls of a physical location?  With affordable cloud services and ubiquitous mobile devices, we are connected to our workplace at any time and from anywhere, allowing for our work and personal lives to co-exist in harmony. Efficiency and productivity increase, while saving on time and cost.

How connected is your office? And what is the purpose of your digital workplaces?

Catering to different communications styles

Everyone communicates differently. Some may prefer texting over email, others prefer a printed document instead of an attachment. Some are more expressive when texting; some always have to see you in person. Productivity is highest in the morning for some, while others only get things done late at night. With approximately four generations in today's workforce each with distinct communication preferences, an ideal advanced digital workplace should cater to them all.

Empowering collaborative digital workplaces

At the end of the day, we want efficient collaboration at work. Processes that help leverage our connectivity and communication channels should be in place. This requires top-down management support, a workflow that caters to a connected workforce, and the solutions to enable it. With culture and processes aligned, you are set up for a successful and collaborative digital workplace.

The maturity of digital workplaces



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The Smart Operation Panel is an Android based platform that lets you experience an easier way to work with the same gestures you use on your smartphone or tablet.  Increase efficiency and lower your running costs by simplifying and improving document processes in your office with Ricoh’s new range of compact MFPs featuring Smart Operation Panel technology.


Streamlining your business processes with the latest technologies(BPM & RPA) is an important key to creating a truly empowering digital workplace.  A well-designed process helps increase efficiency, and fosters a harmonious workplace among a diverse work force.


With approximately four generations working together in today’s workforce situations, each with distinct communication preferences, together with ubiquitous digital devices, great geographical diversity, and fast changing business needs, digital workplaces must be planned and designed with a holistic understanding of your business.

順應智能工作間潮流 效益超乎想像


3個月免費雲端協作服務 助各行各業應對遙距工作

最近,全球各國均受新型冠狀病毒疫情影響,香港更突然成為國際級「進階」Work from Home(WFH)城市,不同公司員工都需要適應全新工作模式。其實 WFH 並非壞事,也是全球趨勢,就如美國有 5.2% 人口長期在家工作,當中更有人能賺取更多收入。假如要建立良好的 WFH 環境,除了企業文化之外,更需要多個 IT 平台及服務配合。

數碼轉型成大趨勢 把握機會提升企業效益

作為企業掌舵人,必須對數碼轉型(Digital Transformation,簡稱 DX)趨勢加深了解,因為它對於不同行業帶來的影響眾多。香港現時作為區內其中一個主要的金融中心,在過去數年於 DX 的發展步伐進度良好,根據 Google 與市場研究機構 Ipsos 於早前發表的《Smarter Digital City 3.0》報告中,就發現有 89% 企業表示,會在未來兩年內增加在數碼轉型上的投資,當中更有 30% 受訪者考慮推動與人工智能(AI)與機器學習(Machine Learning)有關的項目。

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